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Welcome to ☆ CLUB ALICE ☆! This is a community for all fans of alice nine. to come and share love for the band. Anything alice nine. related is welcome! This includes graphics, scans, fics, news, pictures, questions... you name it. The mods will try to keep you up to date with the latest in alice nine.'s world. The environment here will be friendly and civil. Any and all rudeness will not be tolerated. Play nice or don't stay. (´┏_┓`)

♪. Have fun!
♪. All posts must contain something about alice nine.
♪. All entries are automatically friend's locked when posted, those are the settings for this community, it takes care of various problems that could occur in the future.
♪. If posting fics, put a warning on them as to what rating they have.
♪. All large pics have to be placed under an lj-cut, along with tons of icons/wallpapers... you know the drill.
♪. Be respectful to all members. That includes the mods. We are the same as you guys, we are just here to keep things under control. We will be as nice as you are to us. Also, no flaming others for asking questions that you feel have been asked a million times. We were all new alice nine. fans at one time. Please be kind and help out other fans if they have questions or requests. Not everyone has the same access as others. That being said, please look through the memories before you request or ask questions, it will just make things easier for everyone.

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120 Icons/Wallpapers → xloliconsx [Monday
06/28/10 at 2:58pm]


|| alice nine [20] || angel sanctuary [10] || hongo kanata [10] || j-fashion [10] || kiriyama renn [5] || seto kouji [10] || shinee [20] || stock [20] || the gazette [15] ||


All posted here @ xloliconsx!

SALE → FIRST PRESS Limited edition VANDALIZE [Friday
01/16/09 at 11:29am]


Auctioning a brand new unopened VANDALIZE first press edition with rolled (untouched) poster and 2009 V!NYL SYNDICATE HERE @ omgsales.

Sorry xposted

AUCTION → First Press PEACE AND SMILE CARNIVAL 2005 Re-Issue DVD [Friday
01/02/09 at 3:07pm]


Click for larger view

Only SIX HOURS left on the auction of a first press PEACE AND SMILE CARNIVAL TOUR 2005 Re-issue DVD HERE @ omgsales. :D/

Srry x-posted; last time, promise

AUCTION → First Press PEACE AND SMILE CARNIVAL 2005 Re-Issue DVD [Wednesday
12/31/08 at 5:13pm]


Click for larger view

Only TWO DAYS left on the auction of a first press PEACE AND SMILE CARNIVAL TOUR 2005 Re-issue DVD HERE @ omgsales. :D/

Srry xposted like crazy

Saga [Wednesday
12/24/08 at 1:42pm]

I found ths on the Jap web!!!

sorry xposted!!!
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wallpaper [Sunday
11/30/08 at 12:02am]

it's my first time posting here.

i made 2 wallpapers and wanted to share them. click the pic for original size

comment is <3


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various. [Saturday
09/20/08 at 10:51pm]

( 021 ) 月光浴; PV
( 012 ) ROCK and READ (Tora)

shitty shit herecult

(auction) Club alice 3 [Wednesday
09/17/08 at 1:30am]


Hello alice nine fan!
I want to open auction "club alice 3" now....

( Cick now! )

Thank you!! >_<

selling a9 magazine covers [Sunday
09/07/08 at 8:58pm]

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Selfmate Alice Nine. Fanart. 8D~ [Friday
04/11/08 at 5:30pm]

I've done this, becuz' this is a very cute rpg szene. :D

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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Givuss Comment~ [Friday
03/28/08 at 10:24pm]


The other day i was listening to Givuss and decided to do a youtube search!
I found this old comment and decided to share are some people may not have seen it! 


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Fanart + first post [Tuesday
01/22/08 at 4:41am]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Minasan, ohayou gozaimasu~! \(*°*)/
Here in Italy it's almost 5 o'clock, so I don't know why I'm still here instead of being under my confortable and warm sheets...
Oh yeah! That's because I wanted to share with you this drawing I made on Tora & Shou these past 2 days instead of studying for my University exams XD

Sorry, x-posted on




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[FIC] "Kousai" [Tuesday
01/01/08 at 12:34am]

[ mood | awake ]

Title: Kousai

Author: me ^^ ( [info]senchan)

Rating: PG-13 just to be safe
Pairings: none really

Genre: drama, friendship

Summary: It wasn’t that they were growing apart, per se. They were simply growing without allowing their friendships to change with them.

Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to alice nine., its music, or its members, and I am making no financial profit off this piece of fanfiction. ((If anything, alice nine. owns me, heart and soul, and sees fit to regularly drain me of my time, energy, and wallet. *shamelessly admits this*))

Notes: First A9 fanfic. Written in 3rd person POV a little partial to Saga (b/c I <3 him). HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4 FINAL



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12/07/07 at 8:00pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

i'm user julymeteor.
okay, i've decided to put the poster and booklet on auction.
i took quite sometime to decide on the price.
and I SWEAR, it's cheaper than the pirce that normally BRAND NEW jrock posters and booklets are sold.
buyers will be able to set their own desirable price by bidding.
so it might be EVEN CHEAPER!

the auction will ends at 12AM on december 09 sunday( SINGAPORE TIME)
if the highest bidder goes MISSING IN ACTION, i'll pass the goods to the next highest bidder.

P.S: the images should be slightly larger than what i've posted last time.i forgotten which user asked me to post a larger pic. i'm sorry that i took so long!!!!! >.<

all comments are UNscreened(sorry, quite troublesome for me if it's screened hehe).
i'll list down the top bidder.

booklet: highest bidder



poster: reserved for (PAID)




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Pictures of Shou From Blue Planet PV [Monday
11/12/07 at 11:36pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I was wondering if anybody could help me find screen shots of Shou from the Blue Planet Pv.
Or maybe official pictures?

I really Hope so.
Thank you either way <3
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~Edit~ Picture of Tora I found [Sunday
11/11/07 at 3:29pm]
Hi again.
Sorry, computer at work crapped out while I was editing previous post I made.
Found this today while at work:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I dont have the site where I got it from anymore(it was found by random surfing/ clicking on links, etc ^_^) Dont have information what issue it is. Just said "Wink Up" under photo.
Tora is the only one I found.

*(Hiroto was in "Wink Up" for November 2007)*
Enjoy the photo.
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alice nine pati-pati dec icons [Monday
11/12/07 at 12:30am]

[ mood | creative and wild awake ]

Hi all, just having a break from my 12 hrs straight of dong uni project HAHA XD have sometimes to do these icons, so enjoy and please be nice to me..  :) 
pati-pati dec icons + Saga paused from Nao's blog

the icons are slightly bigger than standard 100 x 100. Sorry about that

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Regarding to Nao blog [Thursday
11/01/07 at 6:38am]

[ mood | anxious ]

UUmmm Nao posted these, do you know what site did he use to make these?

Please help me!
CA390019.jpg   CA390017.jpg CA390020.jpg


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alice nine. Official website JUST updated! [Wednesday
10/24/07 at 11:36am]

[ mood | crazy ]

alice nine. Official website JUST updated!

i just read the new blog post of Hiroto~
he said the album info. are now release!!!! XXD

and i take a look on the official website~
many have updated~!!!!!


The Special Site for ALPHA

The special site for OFFICIAL FC ONLY LIVE {WHITE SILENT X'mas premiun live}

Get really excited about reading the info. of the new album~
and really LOOK FORWARD to listen to their new SONGzzz!!! 

** since this is my first post, i'm not familiar with the functions.... 
please forgive me if there're any mistakes~ >v<" **

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